Club Objectives

The purpose of the Club is to provide fellowship, information, instruction, stimulation, and education for those interested in flying, gliding, and soaring, both locally and cross country. The Club promotes interest in soaring both locally and on wider levels. The Club supports recognition of outstanding accomplishments in personal feats, sailplane design, and technical advancements pertaining to soaring.

CGC has a good blend of flying personalities. Many members just fly locally. But there are about 20 who fly cross country at every opportunity. Flights up to 350 miles have been flown from the CGC Field. For those wishing to start soaring cross-country, or to just improve their thermalling ability, there is a large pool of very experienced soaring pilots from which to obtain advice. After the flying is finished for the day, the cross-country pilots expound on their flight to all who will listen. This often culminates in a cookout by any and all who care to stay. Planned social events include a buffet dinner in the Spring and a Pig Roast in the Fall. 

Membership Obligations

The Chicago Glider Club is a working glider club, not simply a flying club. The club owns the airport, hangers, gliders, tow-planes, and other airport facilities. Club members perform all maintenance activities, including cutting the runway, sweeping out the hangers, and performing annual inspections of the club aircraft. New members are expected to pitch in and assist with all these tasks.

The cost of operation is kept to a minimum by having the membership do ALL of the required work to maintain the club. This includes maintaining the aircraft and facility equipment, mowing the grass on the runway, and cleaning the clubhouse. Members participate as their own talents, interest and time permit. This "do it yourself" philosophy is the mainstay of the club and is expected of each member. No work details or schedules are mandated. Each member is expected to share in the work. Being a member can be a real hands-on total aviation experience! Many members are high time soaring pilots and several have extensive contest experience.


The club always welcomes individuals interested in becoming committed members that love soaring and who intend to participate in the club's operations and activities on a long-term basis. 

It is preferred that new members have at least a private pilot certificate with any rating; non-glider rated private pilots are welcome. If you need transition training for a glider rating, that can be worked out with a club instructor using club sailplanes to acquire the required experience in preparation for the FAA check-ride. Club instructors offer their service free of charge to club members in club equipment.

Any person who expresses an interest in soaring may apply for pilot membership by the payment of the initiation fee and submission of the Club application. Applications for membership in the Chicago Glider Club will be reviewed the Board of Directors for final approval. Applicants must have a sponsor: a sponsor is a current member of the club who is knowledgeable of club procedures and is willing to provide any guidance the new member should require until familiar with club procedures. 

Although CGC is not set up as a primary glider flight school, the club will consider genuinely committed student pilot applicants. In this case, the student pilot applicant must make prior arrangements with a qualified club instructor for the flying lessons needed to acquire a glider pilot certificate. 

Family Membership is available at a very nominal one time charge. This enables any member of the regular pilot's family to use club aircraft. The only restriction is that only one club sailplane may be used by the Family Member unit at the same time. This rule is waived on days of low utilization of club sailplanes. All usage fees incurred by family members are the responsibility of the primary pilot member. 

The Application Process

Pilots interested in joining the club should contact the club's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who is in charge of new member relations. The VP will send you an application kit that explains the club's history, and what the club expects from new members. An application form will be included in the application kit.  

Membership Fees and Charges